John Albani
John Albani has been in the music industry for more than thirty years. He started recording in 1979 with three albums for MCA's band Wrabit. He then joined with Canadian singer Lee Aaron in 1983 to help with song writing and arranging. John became her guitarist and continued to write and record with Lee Aaron until January 1995. He co-produced 3 of her albums, Bodyrock (double platinum) Some Girls Do (platinum plus) and Emotional Rain.

While recording "Emotional Rain" John produced guitar tracks with Reeves Gabrels from David Bowie's "Tin Machine" and Knox Chandler formerly of "The Psychedelic Furs". John also produced 2 tracks for German release of that album.

Other collaborations include,

In July 1997 John opened Sonic Eden Studios in Nashville where he is acting as an independent producer\engineer.  It was at that time he recorded the demo of "I Don't Have To Be Me 'Till Monday" for Steve Azar.

In 2010 John's recordings for local band  Calico Trail got them signed to Lyric Street Records.

January 2012 opens the latest phase of Sonic Eden with major gear updates.
Services now include tracking, editing and mixing in both stereo and 5.1 surround.
Contact John Albani at 615-587-2527

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